Stealth retro gaming.
Organized and hidden.



Clean up your desk.
Hide your computers behind your monitor.


Hide your gaming PC behind the monitor.



Clean up your living room.
Hide your gaming PC behind the TV.



Clean the clutter.
Mount it together.




 Compatible with over 20 single board computers and accessories!

Asus Tinker Board
AML-S905X-CC Le Potato
Banana Pi M2 Berry
Banana Pi M2 Zero
Geniatech XPI-S905X
NanoPi K1 Plus
NanoPi K2
NanoPi M4
Pine ROCK64
Raspberry Pi A+
Raspberry Pi 1B
Raspberry Pi 2B
Raspberry Pi 3B
Raspberry Pi 3B+
Raspberry Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi Zero W

Rock Pi 4A
Rock Pi 4B
SES-LS1012 Grapeboard
UP Board


The world's best Raspberry Pi mounting system.


Compatible with these computers.

Intel NUC
Intel NUC Canyon
Asus Chrome Box
Asus Vivo
Gigabyte Brix
MSI Cubi
Shuttle XPC Nano
Zotax ZBOX




    Learn more in the video below! 

    400 Board

    • $74.95