The world of Bitcoin has evolved and so have the people who use it. The BTC Cube is a product for the most extreme and successful Bitcoin users, who want the best looking Bitcoin node on the market.

We have designed the world’s most premium Bitcoin node using only the best hardware available.

Some Bitcoin pros prefer a minimal look. Some are Bitcoin kings with attitude. We have premium cubes for both.

We have partnered with myNode software owner Taylor Helsper, to offer his software pre-installed on all our cubes. Bitcoin users around the world have been using myNode as the best all in one solution for their Bitcoin needs.


Play the video below for a quick overview of the myNode software.




Easily remove the system tray with no tools!
Cables are routed cleanly together.
Intel NUC compatible tray.


The ultimate luxury Bitcoin node for the most extreme Bitcoin maximalists.




No other node in the world provides accessories and upgrades like the BTC Cube. All designs are free to download and 3D print!





Purchase your node with cryptocurrency!

The software myNode is the exclusive property of Taylor Helsper. All upgrades, features and versions are maintained and controlled by himself. STEGO BOARD has been provided permission by Taylor Helsper to distribute the myNode Vendor Premium License included with the BTC Cube Products by STEGO BOARD. This license includes all future software application additions and upgrades. STEGO BOARD does not provide official technical support for the myNode software included in the BTC Cube.

We do provide a very detailed and user friendly instruction manual (english only), that will assist you from the moment you turn your node on, to basic setup of the most popular features and functions of myNode. An online community that continues to grow on Twitter, Reddit and Telegram offers advanced help for myNode users.


  • $929.95
  • Save $240