Simulator Instructions - STEGO BOARD 102


These are the menus and tools for the Simulator. They are very easy to use.


Click  to see items you can add.


Select 3.5" HD.

Click  to go back to the building area.


Click and drag the item. White squares will indicate different locations it will fit.

Click  to rotate the item 90 degrees. You can drag the item to new positions.

Clicking  will delete the last item placed.

To delete a different item, click and drag it slightly and click 


Click the up arrow on  to add / move up one layer. You can move up or down any layers in the model this way.


Select Raspberry Pi B+.



Click and drag the item. Rotate if required.



Select 2.5" HD.



Click and drag the item. Rotate if required.


Clicking  will highlight the holes being used only for the current layer you are working on. You can navigate to a different layer and use this feature at any time.


Click  again. You can now rotate the model by clicking and dragging it. You can also zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

You can inspect the direction of cable connections to plan your project more easily.

Click  again to return to the building area.



You can now save your build "game". You can also load previous builds.

You can also export drawings, which will create a sequence of jpg images to a file location you choose.

One jpg drawing per layer of your project will be generated. You can print these images or view them using a mobile device while building your project!

For detailed instructions on how to mount different components, see the instruction manual named "STEGO BOARD 102 & 104 instructions" here.

Simulate.       Build.