Simulator Instructions - STEGO BOARD WATER-COOLED PC


These are the menus and tools for the Simulator. They are very easy to use.

This simulator area is for previewing a Water Cooled PC "Cyberpunk PC" built using a STEGO BOARD 400.
You can not add or remove items. However, you can change some of the colors of the 3D printed accessories and lights.
You can download the Cyberpunk PC kit 3D print files here.

The Cyberpunk PC kit has a new power supply mount and power button mount in this downloadable kit, not shown in this simulator build.

The simulation starts with a plain white Cyberpunk PC.
You can rotate the model by clicking and dragging it. You can also zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.



Change HANDLE COLOR to gray.
Change HANDLE GRIP COLOR to gray.
Change HANDLE ACCENT COLOR to black.
Change RGB COLOR to red.



Click  to turn off the room lights.



You can now save your build "game". You can also load previous builds.

For detailed instructions on how to build the Cyberpunk PC, see the instruction manual named "STEGO BOARD Cyberpunk PC assembly instructions" here.

Simulate.       Build.

***Note: The large nose part shown is called "Support Arm 400" which is optional and may not be suitable depending on what GPU you are using, and where you can anchor a support line.
This optional part can be downloaded here.

***Note: Routing an LED strip to the Support Arm 400 requires the smaller spine parts in "RGB Spine Prime 400" which can be downloaded here.

***Note: All spine parts must be installed before the motherboard is installed.