The world of Bitcoin has evolved and so have the people who use it. The BTC Cube is a product for the most extreme and successful Bitcoin users, who want the best looking Bitcoin node on the market.

We have designed the world’s most premium Bitcoin node using only the best hardware available.

Some Bitcoin pros prefer a minimal look. Some are Bitcoin kings with attitude. We have premium cubes for both.

We have partnered with myNode software owner Taylor Helsper, to offer his software pre-installed on all our cubes. Bitcoin users around the world have been using myNode as the best all in one solution for their Bitcoin needs.


Play the video below for a quick overview of the myNode software.


Easily remove the system tray with no tools!
Cables are routed cleanly together.
Space for a second HDMI cable.
Intel NUC compatible tray.




    Bitcoin investors and traders now have the ultimate tool for their Bitcoin needs.






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    BTC Cube - STEALTH

    • $679.95
    • Save $205